Stance Movie: Free Download

The epic trailer for the upcomming all female snowboard film.


Stance: free movie!

Stance, the all-female shred film is now available for download. For free. The whole movie. Yep, all you have to do is head over to, take 20 seconds or so to register, and presto-blammo, you'll have yourself the new movie featuring Gretchen Bleiler, Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani, Jenny Jones, Torah Bright, Raewyn Reid, and a bunch of other lady shreds. But do it soon -- the free download is being offered for a limited time only.

For more info on the project, read Colin Whyte's interview with Stance creators Jeremy Miller and Stan Evans here. Or for a Merlot-fueled review of the movie by Travis Rice, check that here.

Watch the full movie after the jump.

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