Nieratko Gets Serious?

Courtesy of Volcom

There's not much I'd put past Chris Nieratko. The man can write some funny stuff. He can run three skate shops at once. He can somehow land and wed a very fine woman and, recently, he's even taken on the daunting duties of fatherhood with aplomb. With every situation and every new challenge, Chris usually approaches things with the same combination of casual cool, raw, smart alec sense of humor and an underlying good nature.

But one thing I'd never thought I'd lay eyes on was a Chris Nieratko penned piece with not an ounce of sarcasm. I mean really, wouldn't Nieratko without sarcasm be like PJ Ladd without flip tricks? Well, apparently not. Talking to me about his latest column for our site, Nieratko told me he wanted to write about the smaller contests around the country hat are really feeding into local skate scenes. I agreed that could be a good topic and he had at it. A few weeks later, he sent me something that nearly put me in shock: The Serious Nieratko Article.

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