Sea of Darkness Plays Tonight

Courtesy Oblowitz

Plays Saturday night in Tribeca.

So New York Surf Week has begun — sort of.

Long Beach is offshore and flat today, so the contest is off. Ian Walsh is roaming the streets of Rockaway and the New York Surf Film Fest is about to kick off in a few hours. (Surf should build tomorrow and be chest to head by Sunday for the finals.)

Anyway, thought this was a good time to focus on the film Sea of Darkness, about Aussie captain, Martin Daly and early Indonesian exploration. Surfing wasn't always so easy to package and market, namely because we've had so many characters like filmmaker, Michael Oblowitz, and his buds running around. This is taken from Oblowitz's own description of the film:

Time: 1970s.
Place: the Indonesian coast.

For a small group of thrill-seekers, surfing was an addiction, an attitude, and way of life one that sometimes was seen through the lens of psychedelics. In Sea of Darkness, a group of ragtag surfers coast from high tide to high-risk, led by a man shrouded in mystery of near-mythical proportions. They balance their thirst for the perfect tube ride with the dangerous risk and reward of smuggling illegal drugs and other illicit items across the South Pacific.

Ahhh, adventure. Sounds a lot like the Joseph Conrad novel of a similar name, minus the racist overtone. It seems the pirates and drug smugglers of decades past had so much more charm.

Courtesy Michael Oblowitz

Imagine what it was like to have all those islands layed out in front of you to explore.

Oblowitz was part of the New York New Wave film movement and directed the first rap video aired on MTV (way back when rappers wore their hats on straight.) He's been featured at Cannes, Sundance, and Berlin.

This summer, Jake Howard had a chance to interview Daly and Oblowitz. You can read that here and get a better idea of just how insane these times were.

Sea of Darkness plays tonight at 11:55 with all the pirate stories, epic discovery and drug smuggling tales you can

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