The Great Surfboard Heist

Follow Mick Fanning all the way to the giant check at the Hurley Pro


The wild nights and crazy circus have flittered out of Southern California and landed in France. We have a whole preview built for the start of the Europe leg, and Kauai's own rookie Dustin Barca was kind enough to sit down in front of the camera to give us some insight, but all good things to those in wait.


1,500 Euros to whoever finds these "magics."

Coming across the wire today, CJ Hobgood's quiver of boards was stolen out of the house he rented in France. "They're probably in Spain or Portugal by now. I doubt I'll ever see them magics again," he said in an email earlier this morning. "I spent about two years dialing in that quiver, but it's only stuff and I'll take health and happiness any day."

The former world champ and occasional ESPN contributor is offering a 1,500 euro reward for "whoever finds me boards." CJ's looking for the following:

4 x yellow rail CGD 5'10" pin 5'10"pin 5'11"squash 6'1" pin
1 x yellow rail Tokoro 5'10" swallow
1 x yellow rail Merrick 5'9" swallow
1 x clear TL2 Timmy Reyes Model 5'10" pin
1 x blue rail CGD 6'0" squash
1 x clear Merrick 5'7" wing swallow twin fin

He's putting together a little clip about it for us, but in the meantime, here's a couple videso from the SoCal swing.

In the first one we've got Mick Fanning down at Lowers talking about what it takes to win, his routine, and whatever else was rattling around his skull at the time. It gives great insight into how he makes it happen before an event.

And the other clip is from the Surfer Poll and Video Awards. I had the good fortune of jumping on Red Bull's double decker bus up to Anaheim and running wild backstage. We threw Ian Walsh in front of the camera to play host, and well, you'll see the mess that ensues.

Stay tuned for Barca's preview of the Quiksilver Pro and the Billabong Pro.

Surfer's Poll Video Awards


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