Crossroads: The Sequel


I think a few people were worried when Antwuan started waving this board around, but he was just joking. Nothing happened.

A lot happened at Crossroads, so I just made a short video, which you can see below. But, for anyone who wants a little more info, here's some rundown: 1) Jon Goemann will be pro after the Slave premiere tonight 2) Both Elissa Steamer and Ben Gilley had pro board prototypes in the Zero tent, but, unfortunately, I didn't see Keegan Sauder's board there 3) Slash got a shoe on Fallen 4) Jimmy Carlin is wearing Fallens, whether that means anything or not 5) Shakejunt had a stripper in their booth 6) Justin Brock is likely to be the next Real pro 7) Converse has a whole bunch of awesome new shoes coming out...I'm' sure you will be stoked 8) Tyler Hensley won a chunk of money for the water gap, Chris Cole won a bunch for the set of stairs and Kechaud Johnson won the barrel jump. So, watch the video.

Day Two of Crossroads was the same thing outside but a wild mess of insanity inside. The power meter was fluctuating and the double set, barrel jump, and pool pyramide went off.

To watch the video from day one, click here.

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