Robbie Maddison Ride Sesh

Good morning America... and the rest of the world! I hope you all had a great weekend of riding, partying, relaxing, sun tanning or whatever it is you do with your time off. Sorry the blog was a bit quiet this weekend — I was moving into a new place and I've got to tell you... moving sucks. Man I'm sore.

As much as we love to reveal the personalities behind the helmets here at ESPN FMX, it's always good to have a solid riding sesh to get you amped up. Today, Cliff Talley decided to drop this sweet little nugget of a ride sesh from none other than Australian transplant, Robbie "Maddo" Maddison. Notice how the course looks like something you've never seen before? That's because you haven't — it's Maddo's new course at his Temecula homestead. Pretty sweet, huh?

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