Dan Murphy's Keg Party

Sometimes I get a weird response in the skate community having gone to college, like it's dumb to go to school or something. It's not a big deal to me, but sometimes I'm not sure people know what's on the other side, which is why I'm down for Dan Murphy's Dreamspot.

I mean, just the other weekend, I went camping with my ladyfriend and a bunch of friends and in the middle of us shotgunning a beer, one of the dudes that came along was like, "You've got to poke a big hole in the side and open it up real good." My college friend Greg looked at him, offended, and said, "This ain't my first time at the rodeo, man." After all, we've been shotgunning beers for years and years, finely tuned by four intensive years in college. We don't need to be told how to shotgun a beer, kegstand, do the self-inflicted kegstand, beerbong or anything else for that matter.

I understand the averseness toward college or whatever, considering high school can be a pain in the ass and college requires you have to continue studying. And, sure, you can party if you haven't gone to college, but going to college, as far as my experience, was a boot camp for partying. Besides, you get out on the other end, well trained and with a degree. Not to say that you have to go to college to be successful, but I will say that if you're on the fence, you should stay in school just to have super dreamspot bashes like Dan Murphy's (he did go to college after all). You probably won't regret it.

This public service brought to you by me.

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