Sandro Dias Qualifies First in Vert

Courtesy of Alli Sports

As was true during the Maloof Money Cup a few weeks back, the vert field is finally getting some new life. Young guns, Alex Perelson, Zach Miller, Rob Lorifice and Adam Taylor are giving the old guard a run for the money. But the old guard isn't going out without a fight as exhibited by the top three qualifiers of this semi-final. Sandro Dias, Bucky Lasek and Anthony Furlong qualified first second and third respectfully. Full results and commentary after the jump.

Sandro Dias spun his way into first with some flawless runs that made up for their lack in tech by spinning and spinning. He certainly was pleasing the crowd. Bucky Lasek is really tying together nice runs with combinations of tech tricks and spinning maneuvers on every single wall; it's nice to see the vert guys moving completely beyond set up tricks these days. Bucky's back-to-back 540s and boosted frontside bonelesses stood out. Tampa's Anthony Furlong hung on to some solid and flawless runs to round out that top three.

Alex Perelson continued his rising status with powerful runs that mixed creativity and diversity. Rob Lorifice's style, honed skating parks and pools, shines on the ramp where some of his peers suffer in the style category worrying more about consistency. It's obvious Rob is skating things besides the U-pipe and it compliments the work he puts in there. The top seven qualifiers will join Bob Burnquist, Andy MacDonald and Pierre Luc Gagnon in the finals.

1. Sandro Dias
2. Bucky Lasek
3. Anthony Furlong
4. Alex Perelson
5. Rob Lorifice
6. Adam Taylor
7. Renton Millar

Courtesy of Alli Sports

Rob Lorifice pulls a stylized kickflip indy during practice before the crowds filled the stands.

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