Dustin Miller Predicts the Future

Our crystal ball is back at it, this time predicting the outcome for the next round of Red Bull X-Fighters set to take place next weekend, June 27th. Even though Dustin Miller may not always get it right, I respect his opinion because he's a well-educated, experienced dude who throws down with the best of them. Alright Dust, what will the top five look like in Texas? —Ryan Leyba

Steve Densmore

How does Nostradamus spend his down time? Busting big on his dirt bike of course...

First of all, I'm getting married the weekend of the Red Bull X-Fighters in Texas, so I excluded Mike Mason from the event, because he is one of my Best Men, along with Brian Foster. Thanks Mike! I even took out one of the judges — Drake McElroy. He's one of my Groomsmen. Sorry Tes and Jane.

1st place — Adam Jones
Adam has a new baby boy to buy diapers for, so he will be motivated to win. This will also be his first event on his new Yamaha. No plug for Yamaha there, Jones paid for those suckers. I've been riding with him every morning and I think he looks better than ever. He has one pretty awesome new combo trick that you may or may have not seen on the Racer X Films site.

2nd place — Eigo Sato
I would love to see Eigo win an event and the overall series, but it will be tough for him with how good Adam Jones is riding, so that's why I put him at 2nd. While sharing a room at an event in Europe, I got to know him a bit better and he surprised me when he said his goal wasn't to be an X Games gold medalist, but instead to be in "On the Pipe" and film video parts. Eigo is one of those people that just enjoys life and dirt bikes, and it shows in his riding. Let's hope he wins this series along with a bunch of money so he can come to the states and spend some time filming.

3rd place — Mat Rebeaud
I haven't seen Mat ride in a while, but on a big technical course (like Texas is expected to be), he really shines because he can ride a bike very well. You never know what Mat will show up with — he could just blow my whole lineup and come to Texas with some crazy new tricks. He could easily win, so it was difficult to put him at 3rd.

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4th place — Andre Villa
With Villa, I'm always hoping he puts it together and other people see his originality. But unfortunately for him, his originality seems to hurt him sometimes, but here's to hoping he makes the top five.

5th place — Robbie Maddison
I think with this event, and I'm just assuming that it will be a big technical course, good freeriders and guys with experience like Maddo will have an advantage. He could end up winning again. It's really hard to predict these days.

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