Bob Quirk and Junkfood Zine

Steve Crandall.
Meet Bob.

In the music scene, people don't know Bob skates. And in the skate scene, they don't know Bob rides BMX. When riding street or digging at the jumps, not many people know that he probably shot awesome photos of some band last night. And none of it's a secret. Rider, skater, photographer, musician, carpenter and Web publisher; he's just doing stuff, and ALWAYS STOKED!

No agenda, ulterior motives or ego. No rules, no definitions, no drama, No BS really. Good times, and the good part of living in the outskirts of society, in a subculture based on freedom, expression, and a strange sense of individuality. One that resounds through friendships, adventure, and exploration. Some of these things might be accurate in describing Bob Q. and Junkfood Zine. Bob Quirk is an original thinkers, stepping outside of the BMX funnel that perpetuates the herd mentality. I've said before that Bob marches to his own beat, and none of it is intentional or contrived, which makes it seem that much more awesome to me. Now seven issues and three Web videos in, Bob is entertaining more than just himself. Here are a few questions with him.

Steve Crandall
Name, age and location.
Bob Quirk, 22 years old, Richmond, VA.

What is Junkfood?
To put it simply, it's a photo zine, loosely based on the Richmond BMX scene. Junkfood started as my cure for boredom. I take a lot of photos and I felt that just hosting them on a Flickr, or Photobucket was cool and all, but not that much fun.

Have there been any influences along the way?
Other Web zines, as well as print zines. Holeshot and Dust BMX zine to name a few.

What are your current influences, and what inspires you to do Junkfood?
Lately with the JNKFD Web videos, I've been heavily influenced by late '90s/early 2000s BMX videos. All kinds of stuff inspires me to do Junkfood,, including whenever someone tells me how psyched they were on a certain photo in the zine, or asking when the next issue or video is gonna be put up. It's awesome to know that something I'm really stoked on doing gets other people stoked too.

Steve Crandall
Top four bands on your current playlist?
Let's see. Lately I've been playing a ton of Life of Agony, Neil Young, Dag Nasty, and Richard Hell and the Voidoids.

Are there any other Web-based magazines that you are stoked on?
Bay-St is super legit. When I first saw it, I kept thinking to myself that I hope someday Junkfood can look that awesome. Also, Born Ugly is this local skateboard zine, available on the Web, as well as limited print editions. Awesome photos and some crazy artwork from James Callahan. Definitely worth checking out even if you don't skate.

What's up with Carleton?
Have you seen the guy dance? Nuff said.

What can we expect from Junkfood in the future?
More Web videos, more stickers, more fun, more t-shirts, maybe a Jam. Who knows?

Steve Crandall
Any shout outs?
Sykes, Christian Hewitt, Evan and Latane at Recycles, Chopper and Voice BMX. All the riders that hangout on Hell Block, and a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me pictures or words, as well as to everyone who has let me shoot a photo of them. Without those guys, JNKFD wouldn't be able to exist.

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