Snow Angels In Charge

What would you write about if you were in charge of <i>ESPN The Magazine</i>?

Stan Evans

Gretchen Bleiler would get somebody to tell her why the pipe for Vancouver 2010 isn't up to Olympic standards.

A few days ago Colin Whyte checked in with us from Aspen, where he was at Gretchen Bleiler's Snow Angels event. We've got some more coverage for you from ESPN The Mag's Alyssa Roenigk, who also made the trip out for the women's only invitational.

Roenigk provides a quick rundown of the event, but most interesting was this question she posed to some of the riders in attendance:

"If you could run ESPN The Magazine for one issue, what would you write about?"

Molly Aguirre steps up to the plate first and says she'd do some reporting on global warming, praising Al Gore and his efforts for An Inconvenient Truth. Kelly Clark says she likes the "behind-the-athlete" profile stories, and then announces that she's started a new foundation to raise money to help families send their children to snowboard school—a la Ross Powers and his foundation. Clair Bidez goes for the less altruistic answer and suggests ESPN the Mag should should fly her and her girlfriends out to Interior B.C. for a cat trip to shred pow. Hey, if you're the boss... Ellery Hollingsworth also keeps with the "me" mentality and says she would do a story on up-and-coming riders, you know, like herself. Lizzy Beerman thinks a piece on women's progression is warranted, noting how far the level of riding has advanced in the last four years. That would be sweet, but only if Tricia Byrnes wrote it. Gretchen Bleiler, ever the consummate professional and always thinking ahead, thought there should be something written about next year's Olympic pipe at Cypress Mountain, which she worries might not be up to snuff: "Cypress is already dealing with hard factors, like bad weather and poor visibility, to begin with. On top of that, they put the halfpipe in the wrong part of the mountain, set against the fall line."

You can read the full writeup here.

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