On The Job: Mike Osso


Osso, over grind.

One of the really great things about the BMX industry is that most of the people manning the phones, packing boxes or running to the bank on a daily basis are either kickass bike riders or were at one time kickass bike riders (who now have either bad knees or backs.) There's not too many industry insiders out there that don't have, and I hate to use the phrase, but "street cred."

Animal Bikes included. I think it's actually a job prerequisite to be able to toothpick hangover grind or barspin a BMX bike to work there. At least that's how it seems every time I ride the Animal warehouse with all of the employees. Mike Osso is no different. He's got enough skills to film progressive video parts, and on top of that, he works almost 50 hours a week doing whatever needs to get done at Animal, including taking out the trash. He doesn't seem to let the stress of his job ever get to him, and he always remembers to go have fun riding at the end of the day. In other words, he's good people that knows how to manage his day. But I'll let Osso tell his side of the story. By the way, did you know that "Osso" means "bear" in Spanish?

Name: Mike Osso
Age: 24
Job title: CEO

Describe a typical day at work for yourself.
Answer e-mails, make calls, order supplies, talk to each employee about any problems, lunch, look over new product designs, ads and clothing. Keep up on inventory to make sure we are stocked. Take orders from the team for any products the might need. Arrange international shipments, take out the garbage and try not to get shot by any bb guns.

How many hours per day do you work? Per week?
7-10 per day. About 45-48 per week.

What tasks are you responsible for on an average day? And a non-average day?
Accounts receivable and payable is a daily task that I deal with. I'm constantly going to the bank almost every day. On non-average days, it's payroll between our employees and our teams for advertising. We also have an accountant that comes in once a week to keep our accounting books organized.

Can you describe what each task encompasses?
To describe every task, it would take up a books worth of explaining. Each task is handled in a different way. I make sure that all our vendors are paid on time and that our orders are received accordingly. And I make sure that none of our checks bounce.

How do you divide time between the different tasks you have to accomplish each day?
I get in early or stay late depending on the day, sometimes I do both. I will do a little at a time or wait until I can spend the right amount of time that is needed per task. If it's something that can be taken care of right away I will do it that day. If it's a task that requires a lot of time I will do a little each day until it's done.

What's the biggest setback or distraction in getting what you need to get done each day finished?
Waiting on people to get back to you on certain things. Sometimes the only setback to making a decision is waiting on someone else.
What's something you never expected to have to spend time on each day?
Making tea and coffee. I need one or the other each day. It has nothing to do with business but it keeps me going throughout the day.

What steps do you take to accomplish everything you need to do every day?
I try to handle as much a possible each day. But sometimes that's still not enough. You can never accomplish everything but as long as you keep trying, that's all that matters.

Do you "work" on your days off?
I talk on the phone and answer some e-mails, but nothing too crazy. I never really consider it "work" anyway since most of the people I deal with are my friends.

When was the last vacation you took?
Does never count?

Anyone you wanna thank?
I want to thank every single person I work with. They really make my job the most interesting and exciting part of my time here every day.
-Brian Tunney

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