So you guys have the tour for the video premiere?
Yeah, tonight's in San Diego. Then, Orange and then Friday or Saturday, it's in Pheonix. So, after tomorrow, we're all gonna jump in the van and that starts it off.

A lot of shops want to do a jam in the day, so the kids can kind of skate with us? We thought it would be cooler, so the kids aren't segregated. That's kind of what we're promoting, is have fun with everyone and enjoy it. So, we're bringing the Skate Dice and we're going to have a game of skate at every spot with the kids and hand out boards to the winners.

I think we have eleven premieres in the next 15 days, all along the coast and then we're gonna take a week break. Then, I think we're gonna do an East Coast side, too.

Sweet man. You're from Canada originally, right?
Yeah, I grew up just outside of Vancouver in a town called Maple Ridge.

Perfect. Maybe you can help me clear something up. I met this Canadian guy a while ago and he was raving about this food called "pountang"?
Oh, poutine!? You ain't got that down here?

That's the only time I've ever heard about it.
That's more a French-Canadian thing, like on the East Coast. I mean, we got it on the West Coast, but if you want the good poutine, you're gonna go to Montreal or somewhere in there, you know? Basically, it's like fries and—it sounds gross—cheese curds and gravy.

A lot of people eat poutine?
Yeah, on the East Coast, but where I grew up, it's kind of like a novelty. It was always like, let's go get stoned and eat some poutine.

Well, thanks man. I always wanted to clear that up.
It's good, but it's just so unhealthy. You suffer after, you know?

So, how long have you been filming for this video now?
Awww, sh*t. I would probably say about two and a half years, personally.

That's pretty normal. You know, watching the trailer, it kind of seems like Powell has a renewed feel. Does it feel like that as a team?
Yeah, absolutely. The entire team has been changed. Cab's kind of handing over the torch to start a legends division with Powell-Peralta. So, aside from him, I think I've been on there for a while. Everyone else has come on over the last three years.

Courtesy of Powell Skateboards

Do you get to skate with a lot of the other dudes on the team then?
Usually, when we're on tour. We're all kind of spread out. I mean, I just moved down to San Diego. I'm in Cardiff, so I'm a lot closer to Aldrin [Garcia] and Derek [Elmendorf] and I'll be skating with them more often. Before that, I was traveling back and forth between Vancouver.

Now that I'm here, I'm trying to get more of a family feel. I got my own place now, so anyone from the team that wants to come stay can—get more people together.

Yeah, like make the team more cohesive. What's your best memory from filming the video?
I'd probably say…There was this really ghetto Bones trip that myself and my team manager Jared, who was also my roommate at the time, and Josh Hawkins and John White went on. It was basically three Powell ams, but we were all on Bones, too. And, Jared drove us in his truck. We went from California to Arizona, up to Utah and then to Oregon and up to Seattle and Vancouver and back. We just camped out, straight piled it, on the freeway. Wherever we ended up at the end of the night, we'd just pull over, and in the mornings we'd wake up in the middle of a national attraction with tourists everywhere. We were out in Utah and we found these crazy caves and then in the morning, tour guides woke us up with bus-loads of kids just staring at us with our tents pitched. All the while, we thought we were in the middle of nowhere. That was probably the best trip, just 'cause it was super ghetto—no one had any money, we piled and shredded wherever and there was no real game plan.

I know the video's supposed to be like the "fun" theme, but the trailer's almost sarcastic, too, just because everyone's freaking out. Were there any moments filming that you remember being just horrible?
Aw yeah, for sure. That was kind of the whole thing with Fun! De Ville gets a log of flack for being a gnarly photographer. He's known for taking people to the craziest spots. And, there's definitely been sometimes when I've asked to go to these spots and I'd get there and…you just kind of picture it differently.

There was this sixteen stair that had a chain down by the bottom, out by LAX. And, I was going to grind out over the chain on the rail. So, I was just warming up and I unhooked the chain, which I'm so glad we did and I was trying to back 50-50 it, but it was super late. It was one in the morning and I had been up super early that morning. I was so tired, so I drank three Red Bulls just to try and get hyped, but they weren't making me amped. They were just giving me anxiety. So I'm tired, but can't close my eyes and I'm shaking and this cop's coming, so I'm like, "All right, f**k it! I'm going right here," and I got caught in feeble and just stuck. When I hit, I just bounced—no legs, no arms—just straight to shoulder and chest. I thought I broke my ribs. it knocked all the air out of me, all the wind out of me. That was probably the lowest point I've been in a while. I fully thought I broke my arms and my rib. Even the cop got out and was like, "Dude, you all right?"

How long ago was that?
That was a while ago. But, one of the last tricks I got—I don't know if it's gonna be my ender—it only took me a few tries. But, I remember the filmer forgot his fisheye, so he tried to film it wide lens. He assured me that it was good and, you know, you just kind of want to believe it. But, when we got back to the editing room, the more I looked at it, I was just like, "Dude, we can't use this." For the next two weeks, we could only go there on the weekends. I'd skate it four hours each time. The first time, I couldn't land it. I snapped my tail, set up a new board, landed on it again and then the cops kicked us out—that whole scenario. We went back again. I tried it again, but I couldn't do it before dark. Then, finally, this past weekend I did it on Friday. Like four days before the premiere.

So, you said you're gonna do a premiere around the States. You gonna do one anywhere else?
Um, I know across Canada, they're premiering it as well. I don't think the team's gonna do it, but I was thinking about trying to hit some dates across Canada, kind of a solo mission, 'cause you know, kids get stoked on premieres, but if you know that riders are gonna actually come up, it's a little bit more special, I guess. So, I'd like to do some in my home country, you know? I might do that in the week break. I know we have premieres in Asia and Europe and stuff, but just the way with the economy, we just don't have the kind of money to be throwing it around.

Yeah, I totally understand. But, it's cool. You can go up to Canada and you can get some poutine on the East Coast.
Yeah, I'll get a photo of me just eating poutine at a premiere.

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