"I take my paddle with diamonds."

S. Whisper

A closet stand-up paddle junkie throughout his entire career, nobody understood Charlie Chaplin's aversion to the media...until they realized he just didn't want the lineups getting packed with a bunch of kooks.

Not only did he play a good Bond, Pierce Brosnan is also a card carrying member of SAGSUPSHS (see story).

I'd like to just take a second to follow-up Mr. Jon Coen's last post about the celebrity surf thing and their apparent obsession with stand-up paddle surfing. Looking at this from a historical perspective to give us a little bit better understanding around this glitzy sub-culture, Matthew McConaughey and Pierce Brosnan may be Hollywood's latest heroes to hit the lineup, but they're hardly the first. As you can see by this collection of rarely seen photos graciously lent to ESPN Surfing from the Screen Actor's Guild Stand-Up Paddle Surfing Historical Society (SAGSUPSHS, for short), Charlie Chaplin and Groucho Marx appear to be some of the earliest innovators. Judging by their archives, for over 80 years now some of the biggest stars of stage and screen—comedians especially—have been drawn to this faux Sport of Kings. Where will all this lead? More importantly, when will it end? One way or the other, ain't nobody winning any Academy Awards out there.

S. Whisper

Long before James Bond and Surfer, Dude picked up a paddle there was Barney Fife.

S. Whisper

Being from the East Coast originally, even after Charlie Chaplin took him out at Pipe, Groucho Marx prefered the slow rollers of San Onofre, where he could hang a little paw with his pooch.

S. Whisper

The epitome of an ass-hole Malibu local, he may be a jerk, but Steve Martin does have style.

Watch Jon Stewart ridicule Pierce "Big Kahuna" Brosnan's Stand-Up Obsession On The Daily Show:

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