Race to Skate

Most of the time, when you're playing the game SKATE, you're not trying to get letters. But, Shred or Die has turned the game on its head by having any of their five riders—Kyle Leeper, Danny Garcia, Reese Forbes, Tony Hawk and Alex Olson—do five tricks. Every friday during the month of March, Quiksilver will upload a video of their skater doing five tricks. Then, whoever wants to compete at home, needs to land those five tricks as fast as they can and upload their video to the Shred or Die website (which you can link to here). Kyle Leeper starts on March 6th. Danny Garcia's on March 13th. Reese Forbes and Alex Olson are on March 20th. And, the "Birdman" Tony Hawk is on March 27th. I hope he does a 900. Go check it out, read the rules and get ready for Leeper to start this thing off tomorrow.—Josh Brooks

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