Berrics on the WSJ

I would say there's nothing new about this, but really there is when an article in a mainstream newspaper doesn't make you laugh out loud for missing the point. This one's impressive.

I would guess that, for anyone who doesn't read a newspaper that often, the convention of calling Eric Koston and PJ Ladd, Mr. Koston and Mr. Ladd for almost half the article, would seem kind of odd. It's just not really that common in a skate mag. But, once you get past the journalistic convention, Conor Dougherty's article on The Berrics and their game of SKATE is pretty damn well done for an established mainstream newspaper. I can only imagine the theories of collusions when I say that, but I have never met this guy and nobody around where I work has been stopping by to tap me on the shoulder and tell me what to write.

So, with that aside, this article is worth a read and a refreshing indicator of what mainstream skating coverage can be like when it comes from the bottom up, instead of the top down. There's no doubt that this kind of exposure will lead to people biting and heads throwing dough every-which-way, but when coverage is done well, it shows that it's possible in the least (not that there couldn't be distortions in the future). In any case, check it. This sort of thing doesn't happen that often. The trick by trick commentary is also hilarious: "Hardflip…everyone knows that's Koston's achilles' heel." Classic.—Josh Brooks

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