Volcom's Wandering Wonderland

Leave it to Volcom to let the experience make the movie. When filmer Jake Price traveled around the world with the Volcom crew last season, he didn't have a specific project in mind. "Just film and see what we come up with." If this Canada section is any indicator, Volcom once again comes correct (when do they not?), this clip featuring Bjorn and Erik Leines, Shandy Campos, and Blair Habenicht. The project, called Wandering Wonderland, is broken down into five stories about five different trips. Price traveled to Japan, Germany, and Canada to hook up with Volcom riders and just do what they do best—shred.

Wandering Wonderland will be packaged as a DVD and will air as a television show, premiering December 23rd on Fuel TV. Check the Volcom website for more details. For more on Jake Price, you can check his BAF blog here.