BAFS Part 6

Becoming A Freestyle Skier
Step 6: Drop An Edit

Photo: Shay Williams

Dude, Andreas Håtveit even drops edits — instant street cred.

Dropping an edit is a key step in becoming a freestyle skier. ("Dropping" is the preferred term, because whereas freestyle skiers do not "publish," "release," or "upload" into the terrain park, they do "drop" into all freestyle terrain features.) Your edit will showcase your clothing style, accessory choice, basic personality, and taste in music to the entire Internet. Many freestyle skiers even use edits to demonstrate their mastery of advanced freestyle techniques. So you should review the entire BAFS series before undertaking your own. At a bare minimum, review parts 1-3 and the second half of part 4: Without proper attire and accessories, a crew to help film and back you up, or a quality rideaway, the quality of your edit could be severely diminished.

When choosing a soundtrack for your edit, there are two basic types of music to consider: Electronic, or electronically influenced music that seems slightly obscure because the height of its popularity came in the 80s or early 90s (e.g. The Cars); and electronic, or electronically influenced music that seems slightly obscure because its popularity thrives predominantly in communities primarily concerned with having obscure tastes (e.g. Ratatat, RJD2, and until recently The Postal Service). In the unlikely event that you do not like electronic music, you may also use hip hop. A growing number of freestyle skiers prefer to use hip hop not simply because it's the only acceptable alternative to electronic/semi-electronic music, but rather because their upbringings have specially equipped them to relate deeply to many of the ideas and themes commonly mentioned in that type of music.

Once you have chosen your song, you're practically ready to drop your edit. All you need to do is film with your crew until you have enough shots to fill up a significant portion of the song you've chosen. If you find yourself with only a small amount of footage when the time comes to edit, explain your situation with a title like, "Filmed in only five days," or "I lost my other hard drive." Your audience will be very impressed at how much you can accomplish in such a short time while marveling at how much more spectacular the contents of your other hard drive must have been. If you are younger than 18, you should put your age, as well as your name, in the title screen, as that will further amaze many potential viewers of your edit.

I have dropped an edit of my own below. Please feel free to use it as a rough guide for crafting your own edits in the future.

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