Mick Fanning shark attack -- the reaction

13 hours ago

Following Mick Fanning's chance encounter with a shark at the J-Bay Open, the three-time world champion opens up to the "World of X Games" about his experience.

Mick Fanning -- ESPN shark-wash

13 hours ago

From SportsCenter to Pardon the Interruption, Mick Fanning's chance encounter with a great white shark at the J-Bay Open was the talk of the town on ESPN.

Surfer gets smacked by gnarly wave

8 hours ago

Surfer Niccolo Porcella briefly rides a wave in Tahiti and gets taken down by what people are considering one of the heaviest wipeouts in history.


MasterCraft Throwdown profile -- Harley Clifford

1 day ago

Three-time Pro Wakeboard Tour champion Harley Clifford will compete in the "World of X Games" MasterCraft Throwdown on August 8 at 2:30 p.m. ET live on ABC. This is why he was invited to compete.

Gregg Godfrey jumps semi-truck 166 feet

5 days ago

Gregg Godfrey blasts off a dirt take-off ramp in a semi-truck, sailing 166 feet before landing and breaking a world record at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, Montana.


The Boardr Am Copenhagen -- Alex Mizurov

3 days ago

Following his win at The Boardr Am Copenhagen, Vern Laird sits down with Alex Mizurov to discuss the competition and his X Games Austin 2016 invite.


Sailing the sea with John John Florence

6 days ago

John John Florence is one of the most creative and inspiring surfers on the World Surf League tour today, but his interests run much deeper than simply riding waves. Read more ...